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5 Elements of Design Everyone Should Know

When it comes to design, there are basic concepts everyone should know about. Whether you want to just sound smart, or you're designing something revolutionary, these five tips make all the difference.



1. C O L O R

A strong color scheme makes for a good design. Color is used to create a theme within your design. Choosing the right color for your design can be a difficult task. Make sure you choose wisely.

You don’t want to become overbearing by using too many bright colors, and you don’t want to become lost by not using enough color. Learn more about the meaning of color here.

If you're looking for the perfect color scheme or creating one on your own, Adobe Color CC is a great tool to get you started.

2. F O N T

Different fonts say different things about your business. You want to choose a font style that defines you. Whether it’s fun, classy, or modern, make sure your fonts are readable. Readability is a major priority when you’re designing. Check out what Canva had to say on font choice.

*One additional plea. A word to the wise, if you will. Avoid Comic Sans. Design for Hackers calls it a, "pretty bad font." Truer words were never spoken.

3. W H I T E S P A C E

Without white space, your design elements get lost. Space is used to separate elements but can also connect elements. You should maximize the use of your space, but don’t over do it. Don’t overcrowd, and when in doubt, toss it out.

Remember, white space is not wasted space. Find out more how white space can

help here.

4. C O N T R A S T

Contrast is used to draw attention to specific elements of your design. It creates a focus and defines the purpose. Contrast can also be used to organize information within a document.

The most important element of contrast is choosing the right color combination. Choose the wrong color and your design is ruined. Pluralsight provides an in-depth conversation of contrast and how you can become a pro.

5. R E P E T I T I O N

Repetition is reusing the same or similar elements throughout all of your designs. Reusing similar elements creates a brand image.

You are also creating a sense of familiarity within your brand image when all of your designs are cohesive. If you're worried about getting it right, Edgee can help.


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