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5 Ways To Communicate With Your Graphic Designer

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

1. Know Your Message.

It is important for you to know what you want your customers to learn about your business. Your graphic designer will be more than willing to help you narrow down your ideas, but always come with a few thoughts in mind.

By coming prepared with your message to your first meeting, your graphic designer will be able to communicate your desired idea to your audience more effectively.

2. It’s Okay To Say You Don’t Like It.

Your success is your graphic designer’s success, so don’t be afraid to tell your graphic designer if you don’t like one of your deliverables. Remember, designs can always be edited.

3. Know Your Company’s Style Guide.

It is important that all of the content you show to your audience is uniform. Tell your graphic designer what colors, fonts, and design assets are typical for your company. If you’re not sure, bring in a few examples of past work as an example for your graphic designer to reference.

4. Be Professional.

Mutual respect is the key to effective communication and brainstorming. Come to meetings with a plan of action and stay open to the ideas your graphic designer has brought for you.

5. Always Provide Feedback.

Whether your feedback is positive or negative, always tell your graphic designer exactly what is on your mind. When providing feedback, think about your audience. What would the like to see? What would turn them away? Remind your graphic designers of these questions when they go back for revisions.

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